Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Famous New Year's Eve Celebrations Around the World Trivia Game

This trivia game features 15 New Year's Eve celebrations around the world. As I was researching these celebrations, I thought many of them were quite interesting and unique. With the advent of social media, I have had the opportunity to "meet" people from around the globe. I hope that you will enjoy the game - feel free to post your own New Year's Eve celebrations in the comment section at the bottom of this article.


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New Year's Eve Celebrations Around the World Trivia Game

Katrena's New Year Trivia Game

Swallow 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight

New Year Celebration in Madrid, Spain

Watch fireworks above Cinderella's castle

Famous New Year celebration in Walt Disney World, Florida

Gather in front of Big Ben

New Year celebration in London, England

Eat buckwheat noodles to ensure health and happiness

New Year celebration in Tokyo, Japan

Watch an 8-foot Fleur-de-lis descend

New Year celebration in New Orleans, LA

Throw flowers into the sea for New Year

New Year celebration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fireworks burst from the Eiffel Tower

New Year celebration in Paris, France

Watch the Peach Drop

New Year celebration in Atlanta, GA

Watch the light show in Nejmeh Square

New Year celebration in Beirut, Lebanon

Watch the ball drop at Times Square

New Year celebration in New York City, New York

See fireworks near the Opera House

New Year celebration in Sydney, Australia

Skiers and snowboarders ride an illuminated train

New Year celebration in Vail, CO

Watch the Cowboy Boot Drop

New Year celebration in Prescott, AZ

See troupes in full Viking regalia

New year celebration in Edinburgh, Scotland

Eat figs wrapped in laurel leaves

New Year celebration in Naples, Italy

Student Survive 2 Thrive New Year Trivia Game

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