Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Name That Country: Do You Know These Flags?

I have been fortunate enough to travel to several different countries; many of my friends and family members have traveled to various countries as well. I designed this game featuring flags of fifteen countries. I believe they are all current as of 2015. Quite a few country flags have changed over the years, so for this one I tried to pick ones that have not changed significantly in recent years although several countries now offer variations of their traditional flag in addition to those found in this game.


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Name the Country by Identifying the Flag

Social Studies Flag Game

Which country has a green, white, and red flag?

Flag of Italy

Which country flag has a maple leaf?

Flag of Canada

Which country's flag is red with a blue and white cross?

Flag of Norway

Which country's flag has 50 stars?

Flag of the United States

Which country's flag has an eagle attacking a snake?

Flag of Mexico

Which country's flag is blue and white with a Star of David?

Flag of Israel

Which country's flag is red with 4 yellow stars?

Flag of China

Which country's flag has blue, white, and red stripes?

Flag of France

Which country's flag has black, red, and yellow stripes?

Flag of Germany

Which country's flag is white with a red circle?

Flag of Japan

Which country's flag has red and white stripes with 1 star on a blue triangle?

Flag of Puerto Rico

Which country's flag is red with 1 yellow star?

Flag of Vietnam

Which country's flag is blue with 6 white stars and a red cross in the corner?

Flag of Australia

Which country's flag has green, white, and orange stripes?

Flag of Ireland

Which country's flag is black, gold, and blue?

Flag of the Bahamas

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