Friday, September 4, 2015

Where's Robert? A Direction Trivia Game

My brother, Robert, is headed to Key West and will join a group who will travel to Cuba. They plan to kayak back to Florida. I decided this would be a great opportunity to make an educational game about directions and reading maps! Players will be challenged to recall a few vocabulary words and geography on this game of ten questions. How many do you know?


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Where's Robert Direction Trivia Game

Direction Game by Katrena

Device with magnetic needle that indicates direction

Compass has a magnetic needle that indicates direction

Direction a compass needle points

Compass needle always points north

Florida is ____ of North Carolina

Florida is south of NC

Direction the sun comes up in the morning

Sunrise is to the east

Cuba is ____ of Florida

Cuba is south of Florida

Florida is ____ of Cuba

Florida is north of Cuba

Direction of the sunset

Sunset is to the west

Mexico is ____ of Cuba and Florida

Mexico is west of Cuba and Florida

Puerto Rico is ____ of Cuba

Puerto Rico is southeast of Cuba

Daytona Beach is ____ of Key West

Daytona Beach is northeast of Key West

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