Thursday, June 4, 2015

American State Capitals Trivia Game

America's state capitals often have a story behind the name or interesting tidbits about them. After doing a bit of research, I decided to design this trivia game that features 15 of America's state capitals. So, how did you do on this trivia game?

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American State Capital Trivia Game

Free Social Studies Trivia Game - American State Capitals

State capital with 3 words in its name

Salt Lake City - Utah's state capital

State capital that contains the state's name within its name

Indianapolis - capital of Indiana

State capital that has name of 16th president

Nebraska's state capital - Lincoln

State capital that is part of the twin cities

Minnesota state capital - St. Paul

Least populated state capital

Vermont's state capital - Montpelier

State capital that means "place of the tall willows"

North Dakota state capital - Bismarck

State capital nicknamed Cherry City

Oregon state capital - Salem

State capital that has name of explorer whose birthday we celebrate in October

Ohio state capital - Columbus

State capital where U.S. Naval Academy is

Maryland state capital - Annapolis

State capital that is also name of a mythical bird

Arizona state capital - Phoenix

State capital that means "red stick"

Louisiana state capital - Baton Rouge

State capital named after English explorer who established Roanoke Colony

North Carolina capital - Raleigh

State capital named for phrase "La Petit Roche"

Arkansas capital - Little Rock

Capital with highest elevation and oldest capital in the U.S.

New Mexico capital - Santa Fe

State capital that means "sheltered harbor"

Hawaii state capital - Honolulu

Free Social Studies Trivia Game by Katrena at Student Survive 2 Thrive

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