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Famous Centenarians Around the World Trivia Game

One couple, who lived across the street from my home in a small town in the southeastern United States, inspired and amazed me as they both lived to see their 100th birthdays. Centenarians, those who live to see triple digits, have a perspective that few people imagine. Many centenarians live simple lives, ready and willing to share their wisdom with those who take the time to sit and listen. Some become famous.

I decided to create this trivia game featuring 20 famous centenarians around the world in honor of my 100th article here on Student Survive 2 Thrive. I hope I have done these centenarians justice! Some of my family members and friends from around the globe offered suggestions for centenarians that captured their attention over the years. Many thanks to those who contributed ideas to help this article to be much richer and more interesting!

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I hope you enjoy this trivia game and find it to be educational and interesting. Find more of my articles, trivia quizzes, flash cards, and practice tests at Student Survive 2 Thrive.

Famous Centenarians Around the World

Trivia Game by Katrena

Famous People Who Lived at Least 100 Years

Centenarian who was an American actor, singer, dancer, and author

Bob Hope honorary veteran in 1997

Canadian doctor who was the first female to perform surgery in Canada

Jennie Smillie Robertson

Norweigan Explorer who discovered a Viking settlement in Canada

Helga Ingstad recordings of Nunamiut culture

American folk artist who started painting at age 70

Grandma Moses or Anna Mary Robertson Moses

Leader of New Orleans Jazz brass band who lived to be 100 years old

Doc Paulin famous trumpet player

French writer who lived to be 100 years old

Eve Curie Labouisse daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie

Comedian who worked with Gracie Allen

George Burns interesting information

Famous banjo player from North Carolina

Wade Mainer famous musician from Blue Ridge Mountains

the Queen Mother who lived more than 100 years

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother also known as the Smiling Duchess

Indian bodybuilder who was called Pocket Hercules

Manohar Aich - Mr. Universe in 1952

FBI agent who was a coach for the Olympic shooting team

Walter Walsh USMC and marksman

Photojournalist from Spain who lived 100 years

Paco Cano famous photojournalist from Spain

Sadie and Bessie - civil rights pioneers who lived over 100 years

the Delany sisters - famous centenarians

Centenarian who played in MLB, NFL, and managed the Durham Bulls

Ace Parker - 1st player to hit homerun as pinch hitter in 1st at bat

Florence Nightingale of Newfoundland

Myra Bennett - famous Canadian nurse

Woman who helped 20,000 people to safety in WW2

Andree Virot Peel - liberated just before she would have been shot by firing squad

Centenarian who advocated for Australian Aboriginees

Charles Duguid - Australian centenarian

Centenarian who was mother of President of U.S. and 2 Senators

Rose Kennedy - centenarian

Famous song writer who lived to be 100 years old

Irving Berlin - famous centenarian who wrote songs

Italian neurologist who lived to be 100 years old

Rita Levi-Montalcini - Nobel Prize in Medicine

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