Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Famous Christmas Movie Quotes Trivia Game

This trivia game includes fifteen famous quotes from Christmas movies. I have included quotes from newer Christmas movies and some classic ones too. How many of them do you recognize?

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Christmas Movie Quote Trivia Game

Christmas Movie Trivia Game

"Every time a bell rings"

It's a Wonderful Life Famous Quote

"It's the gift that keeps on giving"

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Famous Quote

Happy birthday in a Christmas movie

Frosty the Snowman Famous Quote

"Christmas isn't just a day"

Miracle on 34th Street Famous Quote

"Tell me, Spirit...will he live?"

A Christmas Carol Famous Quote

"You're what the French call 'incompetents'."

Home Alone Famous Quote

"Hey, what do you say we both be independent together, huh?"

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Famous Quote

"Look, I am Lactose intolerant!"

The Santa Claus Famous Quote

"There's no Christmas in the Army, Captain."

White Christmas Famous Quote

"as all hatred will ever be wrong"

The Little Drummer Boy Famous Quote

"Stink stank stunk"

The Grinch Famous Quote

"Better fix that hole in your pocket"

The Polar Express Famous Quote
"the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup"

Elf Famous Quotes

"and there were in the same country shepherds"

A Charlie Brown Christmas Famous Quote

"Arrest this man immediately"

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town Famous Quote

Trivia Game by Katrena


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