Saturday, December 27, 2014

Katrena's Famous New Year's Drops in America Trivia Game

As people ring in the new year, many cities and towns across the United States celebrate together with a famous "drop." Some of these places might choose an item that defines the area, while others might choose something just plain unusual.

This trivia game features 25 drops to celebrate the new year in America. I believe they are current as of 2014; however, some places to change what they drop over the years. How many of these do you know?

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America's Most Famous New Year Drops

Sardine Dropped for New Year

Eastport, Main Sardine Drop for New Year

Moon Pie New Year Drop

Mobile, Alabama Moon Pie New Year Drop

Potato Drop for New Year

Boise, Idaho Potato New Year Drop

Cheese Wedge Drop for New Year

Plymouth, Wisconsin Potato New Year Drop

Canal Boat Drop for New Year

Liverpool, Pennsylvania Canal Boat New Year Drop

100-Pound Peep Drop for New Year

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Peep New Year Drop

Peach Drop for New Year

Atlanta, Georgia Peach New Year Drop

Golf Ball Drop for New Year

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Golf Ball New Year Drop

Deuce of Clubs Drop for New Year

Show Low, Arizona Deuce of Clubs New Year Drop

Fleur-de-lis Drop for New Year

New Orleans, Louisiana Fleur-de-lis New Year Drop

Gibson Guitar Drop for New Year

Niagara Falls, NY Gibson Guitar New Year Drop

Star Raised for New Year

Houston, Texas Star Raise for New Year

Popcorn Ball Drop for New Year

Marion, Ohio Ball of Popcorn New Year Drop

Hog Drop for New Year

Fayetteville, Arkansas Hog New Year Drop

Pear Drop for New Year

Fredericksburg, Virginia Pear New Year Drop

Coal to Diamond New Year Drop

Wilkes-Barre, Pannsylvania Coal to Diamond New Year Drop

Acorn Drop for New Year

Raleigh, North Carolina Acorn New Year Drop

Marshall P. Muskrat Drop for New Year

Princess Anne, Maryland Muskrat New Year Drop

Olive Drop for New Year

Bartlesville, Oklahoma Olive New Year Drop

Music Note Drop for New Year

Nashville, Tennessee Music Note New Year Drop

Waterford Crystal Ball Drop for New Year

Times Square NYC Crystal Ball New Year Drop

Bunch of Grapes Drop for New Year

Temecula, California Bunch of Grapes New Year Drop

Diamond Drop for New Year

Des Plaines, Illinois Diamond Drop for New Year

Beach Ball Drop for New Year

Fort Walton Beach, Florida Beach Ball New Year Drop

Pineapple Drop for New Year

Sarasota, Florida Pineapple New Year Drop

New Year's Drop Trivia Game by Katrena

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