Thursday, September 15, 2016

Math Practice: Multiply by 2 Practical Math Skills

One of my kids just started third grade and is learning how to multiply. I thought this would be a good opportunity to create a math practice game incorporating what she is learning in class. This set includes scenarios that involve multiplying by the number two. The answer for each one includes a picture for counting the total number, how to add, how to multiply, and how to say the math multiplication phrase.

There are several different ways to approach multiplying by two. In these examples, I featured adding doubles rather than skip counting by two in order to keep it simple and less confusing. When skip counting by two, lots of kids lose count and become frustrated. It may be helpful to mention that when multiplying by two, the answer will always be an even number. One slide mentions the word "dozen." You might want to mention that a dozen equals twelve before starting.

After practicing adding doubles and feeling very comfortable with these examples, you may also go through the game and ask for other ways to get the same answer.

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Multiply by 2 Practical Math Skills

Free Math Practice by Katrena

3 X 2

3 X 2 = 6

10 X 2

10 X 2 = 20

6 X 2

6 X 2 = 12

1 X 2

1 X 2 = 2

4 X 2

4 X 2 = 8

11 X 2

11 X 2 = 22

8 X 2

8 X 2 = 16

12 X 2

12 X 2 = 24

5 X 2

5 X 2 = 10

2 X 2

2 X 2 = 4

7 X 2

7 X 2 = 14

0 X 2

0 X 2 = 0

Practice Multiplying by 2 at Student Survive 2 Thrive

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