Friday, March 18, 2016

North Carolina State Symbols Trivia Game - Part 1

I remember making a little booklet of North Carolina symbols when I was in elementary school in Cleveland, NC. Many states are still adding symbols, sometimes prompted by children who are interested in conserving our resources or protecting wildlife. I think it is great to learn more about native plants, animals, and more in one's home state and other states as well.

This trivia game features 15 state symbols of the Tarheel State (North Carolina). How many do you know?


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North Carolina's state flower

Dogwood is NC state flower

North Carolina's state shell

Scotch bonnet is NC's state shell

North Carolina's state bird

Cardinal is NC's state bird

North Carolina's state insect

Honeybee is NC's state insect

North Carolina's state sport

Stock car racing is NC's state sport

North Carolina's state vegetable

Sweet potato is NC's state vegetable

North Carolina's state rock

Granite is NC's state rock

North Carolina's state reptile

Eastern box turtle is NC's state reptile

North Carolina's state fruit

Scuppernong grape is NC's state fruit

North Carolina's state dog

Plott hound is NC's state dog

North Carolina's state marsupial

Virginia opossum is NC's state marsupial

North Carolina's state tree

Pine is NC's state tree

North Carolina's state beverage

Milk is NC's state beverage

North Carolina's state butterfly

Eastern tiger swallowtail is NC's state butterfly

North Carolina's state mammal

Gray squirrel is NC's state mammal

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