Friday, July 11, 2014

Muscular System Practice Test

This practice test includes 20 questions related to the muscular system. It incorporates common abbreviations, anatomical terms, movement, locations, medical terms, disorders, and more.

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Muscular System Free Practice Test

Free Medical Terminology Flash Cards

Connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone

Tendon definition

Muscle called voluntary or striated

Skeletal muscle also called voluntary or striated

Med term for muscle stimulated by impulse
Muscle innervation definition

Opposite of pronation

Opposite of supination

Where muscle attaches nearest midline

Origin of muscle definition

Muscles in hamstring group

Biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus muscles in hamstrings

Muscle in posterior upper arm
Triceps brachii muscle location

Med term for muscular pain or muscle tenderness

Myalgia definition

Med term for permanent frozen joint

Contracture definition and cause

Leg pain due to poor circulation

Intermittent claudication definition

Autoimmune disease affecting neuromuscular juntion

Myasthenia gravis definition

Med term for compression of nerves and blood vessels due to tight bandage or cast

Compartment syndrome definition

Condition that causes heel pain when walking or running

Plantar fasciitis definition

Shin splint

Tibialis anterior - shin muscle

Paralysis due to stroke

Hemiplegia definition

Physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Physiatrist definition

Muscle that moves lower jaw when chewing

Masseter muscle definition

Med term for surgical incision into a muscle

Myotomy definition

Study of human factors affecting design and operation of tools & work environment

Ergonomics definition

First aid for muscle injuries

RACE - first aid acronym

Muscular System Study Guide

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