Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free Medical Terminology Practice Test: Joint Movement

Joints can move in a variety of ways, and this free med term practice test can serve as a great review for terms related to joint range of motion. I have also included a few tips that may help folks to remember these tricky terms!

How to use the practice test:
  1. Click on the first image to enlarge.
  2. Click on the next thumbnail to advance to the next slide.
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Free Practice Test for Joint Movement Medical Terminology
Free Medical Terminology Study Guide
Med term for turning palms up
Supination definition
Med term for increasing angle between bones
Extension definition
Med term for moving bone toward midline
Adduction definition
Med term for pointing the toes
Plantar flexion definition
Med term for moving joint in circular motion
Circumduction definition
Med term for flexing the foot
Dorsiflexion definition
Med term for turning a bone on its axis
Rotation definition
Med term for turning palm down
Pronation definition
Med term for moving bone away from midline of body
Abduction definition
Med term for decreasing angle between two bones
Flexion definition
Free joint movement practice test

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