Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Medical Terminology Practice Test: Diagnostic Procedures for Joints

People with joint issues may have diagnostic procedures, treatments, or techniques to help determine the extent of the problem. This free medical terminology practice test covers seven joint-related diagnostic procedures/treatments. Many of these terms sound very similar with only a difference in suffix, so this study guide can serve as a review of a few suffixes as well.

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I hope you find this practice test to be helpful! Find additional practice tests, flash cards, study guides, and more at the Student Survive 2 Thrive site map.

Free Med Term Practice Test on Joint Diagnostic Tests
Medical Terminology Practice Test on Joint Procedures
Diagnostic test of the knee
Arthroscopy definition
Diagnostic test of joint that uses needle to draw out fluid
Arthrocentesis definition
Blood test for connective tissue diseases
Rheumatoid factor definition
Joint x-ray with contrast
Arthrogram definition
Term for surgical repair of joint
Arthroplasty definition
Blood test for inflammatory joints
Erythrocyte sed rate (ESR) definition
Process of x-raying inside of a joint with contrast medium
Arthrography definition
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