Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nursing Practice Test: Restraints

When I was a child, I remember walking into nursing homes (now called long-term care facilities), walking down the halls, and seeing the residents tied to chairs along the hall. Many were left there for hours. Some would reach their arms out, begging to be untied while others simply sat and slept while tied to an uncomfortable chair. Those images are burned in my brain.

Several laws have been passed in later years to help prevent inappropriate use of restraints in healthcare facilities. Most restraints can be avoided and many facilities are now restraint-free. Caring for someone who is confused and pulling at tubes and equipment can be very difficult and poses potential harm to the patient. Caregivers want to protect the people for whom they provide care, and there are instances in which restraints may be the only alternative left.

This nursing practice test includes ten questions regarding the use of restraints in healthcare facilities. This information is based on current practice in North Carolina at the time this article was published; however, individual situations may require additional care. Facilities that use restraints will have specific policies regarding proper use and charting requirements. Healthcare providers should be trained to properly use any restraint before applying it. Safety, communication, and privacy issues should always be considered when providing care.

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Nursing Practice Test on Restraints

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Example of a Chemical Restraint

Complications of Restraint Use

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Alternatives to Restraints

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Improper Use of Restraint

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Doctor's Order to Apply Restraints

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How Often to Check Patient With Mitt Restraints

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Properly Tying Restraints

How Often to Check Patient in Wrist Restraints

Check Patient in Wrist Restraints at Least Every 15 Minutes

How Often to Release Restraints

Release Restraints at Least Every 2 Hours

Purpose of Restraints

Restraints Should Not be Used for Staff Convenience

Nursing Study Guide and Practice Test


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