Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Nursing Practice Test: Effective or Ineffective Communication?

This free nursing practice test is geared toward nursing assistant students in North Carolina; however, most of the concepts and examples would translate well to any healthcare career in various areas. Subtle communication cues can leave a lasting impression on a person who is receiving care. Avoiding errors in communication can help produce good rapport and may ultimately result in better and more appropriate care.

This practice test includes fifteen examples of communication as it might occur in a healthcare setting. Choose whether each example is effective or ineffective and read the next slide to see how your answers compare to those of the author.

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Free Nursing Communication Practice Test

Free Nursing Practice Test on Student Survive 2 Thrive

Should you call a patient Sweetheart?

Avoiding Pet Names in Healthcare

Asking open ended questions

Open ended questions may increase communication

Should you tell your patients about personal experiences

CNA should not offer medical advice

How to communicate with someone who cannot talk

Communication Board for Someone with Aphasia

Should you use medical terminology and abbreviations with patients

Speak in simple terms when talking with a patient

Should you ask a patient why questions

Tips for having tact when working in healthcare

Should you ask yes or no questions in healthcare

How to rephrase a question when working with patients

Eye contact for people who work in healthcare

Tips for Culturally Competent Care

How to Teach a Patient a New Skill

Return Demonstration and Allowing Time for Questions When Teaching Patient a New Skill

Proper Etiquette in Nursing

How to Show Respect in Healthcare

How to Speak with Someone Who is Frustrated or Angry

Repeating what Someone Says May Help Them Rethink What He Said

Language Barriers in Nursing

Tips for Speaking with a Patient Who Speaks a Different Language

Phrases that May be Misinterpreted in Health Care

Avoid Cliché Phrases and Ones that Might be Taken Literally

How to Communicate with Someone Who Has a Hearing Deficit

Ways to Encourage Communication Despite Barriers

Can a Person in a Coma Hear What You are Saying?

Respectful Communication in Health Care

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