Saturday, January 11, 2014

Free Nursing Practice Test: Infection Prevention

This free nursing practice test includes 15 questions related to basic infection control information, including common medical terms, the chain of infection, and ways to prevent the spread of microorganisms, including those that are multidrug-resistant organisms. The information is current at the present time for nurses and nursing assistants in North Carolina, but information may be correct in other areas and careers as well.

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I hope you find this resource to be helpful to you. Visit my Student Survive 2 Thrive blog for additional practice tests, flash cards, conversion charts, articles, and more.

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Infection Prevention Nursing Practice Test

Free Nursing Practice Test

Harmful microorganisms that cause infections

Pathogen definition

Symptoms of systemic infection

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Urinary infection due to catheter placed in hospital

Healthcare-associated infection and nosocomial infection definition

Germs that live in the body that usually don't cause harm

Normal flora definition

Exposed to infection but has not yet developed the infection

Incubation period definition

Weakened or killed microbes given to help someone develop immunity to a disease

Vaccine definition

Causative agent in chain of infection

Examples of causative agents in chain of infection

Objects that spread infections like doorknobs, bathtubs, and bedpans

Fomite definition

Portal of exit in chain of infection

Examples of portals of exit in chain of infection

Getting an infection from touching something

Direct contact example

Risk factors for infection in older people

Examples of risk factors in seniors

Standard Precautions

How to treat blood and body fluids under standard precautions

Proper hand hygiene

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Best way to prevent spread of infections

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Bloodborne pathogen that causes liver damage

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Free nursing practice test on infection control

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