Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Free Nursing Practice Test: Safety in Health Care

Those who work in health care face numerous decisions regarding safety every day. This 15-question practice test covers a variety of safety and emergency issues, from providing safe care to residents, clients, and patients to concepts of body mechanics that can help prevent injury to the healthcare professional. Although this practice test is geared toward nurse aides in North Carolina, much of the information is pertinent to a wide variety of healthcare careers in many locations.

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Safety in Healthcare Practice Test

Free Nursing Practice Test

Most Accidents in Health Care

Falls in Health Care Facilities

Fall Prevention

Tips for Preventing Falls in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Checking Patient ID

Tips to Avoid Providing Care to Wrong Patient

Bath Water Maximum Temperature

Prevent Burns in Health Care

Risk Factors for Poisoning

Tips to Avoid Poisoning in Health Care

Choking Prevention

How to Prevent Choking in Health Care

Medical Term for when someone gets food in lungs

Aspiration Definition

Sheet that Gives Information About Chemicals in Workplace

MSDS in Health Care

Proper Use and Disposal of Sharps

Tips to Prevent Sharps Injuries

Safe Body Mechanics

Tips to Prevent Back Injuries at Work

Potential Fire Hazards

Prevent Fires in Health Care

Safety Tips When Caring for Patient with an IV

IV Safety Tips for Nursing Assistants


RACE Fire Acronym


PASS Fire Extinguisher Acronym

What to do if a Patient Begins to Fall

Tips for Helping Falling Patient and Preventing Injury to Self

Free Nursing Study Resources

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