Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Nursing Practice Test: Introduction to Health Care

This 15-question practice test is geared toward those who are studying to be a nursing assistant 1 in North Carolina, but many of the questions may be relevant in other states and for people studying other disciplines in health care. I hope you find this resource to be helpful to you in your career goals.

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  2. Click on the slide to advance to the next one (click on the next thumbnail at the bottom of the screen if clicking on the slide does not work).
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Introduction to Health Care Quiz by Katrena

Free Practice Quiz for Nursing Students

Who directs and supervises NA1 care

Licensed nurse directs and supervises nursing assistant care

Good quality of a nurse aide

Personality traits of a good nurse aide

Effective communication skills for a nursing assistant

Patient caseload in health care

What to do if a caregiver is taking medications

How to respond if co-worker is taking patient's medicine

What to do if a patient asks you to do something outside of your scope of practice

Tips for helping a patient who wants to leave the hospital

What to do if you are asked to use piece of equipment you don't know how to use

Competence in nursing care

Safety issues in health care

Ensuring the environment is safe for patients

Where do nursing assistants work

Options for places a nurse aide might work

Telephone medication orders

Who can take telephone orders from a physician

Appropriate attire for nursing assistants in training

How to display a professional appearance in nursing clinicals

Different titles for a nurse aide

Different titles for a nursing assistant

What to do if you have flu like symptoms but are scheduled to work

Tips for calling in sick to work

What is a procedure manual

Manual that tells nurses how to perform procedures

Who inspects hospitals and nursing homes

What is Joint Commission

Chain of command in health care

Tips for effectively communicating in health care

Free nursing practice test

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