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Free Nursing Practice Test: Pain

Pain. Anyone who has worked in healthcare for more than a few days has cared for people who are in pain. Caregivers often assess for pain as a fifth "vital sign." Although a common problem, how people respond to pain and what relieves it can be as varied as those for whom we provide care.

How knowledgeable are you when it comes to pain? This 15-question true/false practice test includes some basic concepts when caring for people who are in pain. I hope you find this resource to be helpful!

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Nursing Practice Test on Pain

Free Nursing Practice Test by Katrena

Will pain be the some for everybody?

Individualized responses to pain

Can someone asleep be in pain?

Someone asleep can be in pain

Do weak people take pain medicine?

The belief that weak people take medicine is a myth

Non-verbal signs of pain

Change in behavior, tension, agitation are signs of pain

Crying and moaning as a response to pain

Different people respond to pain differently

Intermittent pain

Pain that comes and goes can still be real pain

Can medicine relieve all types of pain?

People find different ways to relieve pain

Can someone be in pain who appears happy?

Many people are stoic and do not try to appear in pain

Can yoga or a backrub help pain?

Different ways to help treat pain
Does pain medicine lead to addiction?

Taking pain medicine does not necessarily mean you are addicted to it

Can effective pain management lead to a better quality of life?

Tips for helping people in pain

People who complain of pain are seeking attention?

Children and older people can experience pain

Does religion play a role in how people deal with pain?

Religion can play a role in how people view and deal with pain

Can pain slow recovery?

Unrelieved pain may slow rehabilitation

If someone refuses to take pain medicine, are they really in pain?
 Not everyone wants pain medication

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