Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Nursing Practice Test: Vital Signs

Learning how to check vital signs is one of the most important skills a nursing assistant or nurse can develop. Accurate vital signs and knowing normal limits for vital signs is imperative in creating an appropriate care plan. This free practice test includes fifteen questions related to vital signs and is geared toward nurse aides in North Carolina; however, much of the information would be accurate in other places and for other healthcare professions as well.

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Vital Signs Practice Test

Free Nursing Practice Test

High Blood Pressure


Normal Pulse Range

What is WNL

Temperature of 102.1


Convert C to F Temperature

Normal Range for Temperature

Rapid Breathing


Slow Breathing


Diastolic Number on BP

Systolic BP

Crossed Legs When Checking Blood Pressure

Tips to Get Accurate BP

Pause While Listening to Manual BP

Auscultatory Gap

How to Calculate Pulse

Pulse WNL

Most Accurate Site for Checking Pulse

Apical Site for Pulse Check

Position of Patient's Hand When Checking BP

Tips for Taking Blood Pressure

Safety Tips for Taking BP

Contraindications for Taking BP

Most Accurate Site for Taking a Temperature

Rectal Temperature

5th Vital Sign

Pain Assessment with VS

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