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Free Nursing Practice Test: Legal Terms in Health Care

Legal issues abound in health care professions. This 18-question nursing practice test is geared toward those studying nursing in North Carolina; however, many of the terms may be used in other places and in other careers.

The questions contain examples that highlight various legal terms associated with those who work in health care. Many of the examples could be classified under several different terms. Choose the term that is best highlighted by the example.

This practice test should not be considered legal advice - it is for informational purposes only.

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Legal Terms in Health Care

Nursing Practice Test by Katrena

Caregiver slaps a patient

Example of physical abuse

Taking money out of someone else's bank account

Financial abuse example

Nursing home resident getting in bed with a confused resident

Example of sexual abuse

Treating adult patient like a child

Example of psychological abuse

Caregiver enters room without knocking

Invasion of privacy example

Threatening to tie someone's hands

Assault example

Nursing taking patient's medicine

Substance abuse example

Making fun of someone's culture at work

Workplace violence example

Husband threatens to kidnap kids if wife tells nurse he hit her

Domestic violence example

Patient burned by hot bath water

Negligence example

Nurse aide gives medications when not trained or allowed to do so

Malpractice example

Forcing nursing home resident to eat in room

Involuntary seclusion example

Caregiver stealing items from client

Misappropriation of property example

Nurse not answering call bell

Active neglect example

Patient is forced to take a bath after he refuses

Battery example

Worker offered promotion in return for dating

Sexual harassment example

Forcing a patient to stay in the hospital

False imprisonment example

Diabetic resident does not receive snacks

Passive neglect example

Free nursing practice test on legal terms and issues

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