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Medical Terminology Abbreviations Starting with V Part 3

This set of Medical Terminology flash cards includes abbreviations starting with the letter V. Some abbreviations have multiple meanings, while some terms may have more than one abbreviation. You can typically determine which term is abbreviated by considering the context. If in doubt, spell the word out. Follow facility policy regarding use of abbreviations.

  1. Click on the first slide to enlarge to full screen.
  2. Click on the slide or thumbnail at the bottom to advance to the next slide.
  3. Study the abbreviations backwards by clicking on the last slide and clicking on the thumbnails to advance to the previous slides.

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Medical Terminology Flash Cards Abbreviations Starting with V

Free Medical Abbreviation Flash Cards by Katrena


volume index


venereal disease


ventricular septal defect


valvular disease of heart




visual evoked response

VT, V tach, V-tach

ventricular tachycardia


vaginal birth after cesarean


volume of packed red cells


ventricular fibrillation


vaginal hysterectomy


varicella zoster virus (chickenpox)

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