Saturday, July 16, 2016

Spelling Tricky Words #5

Getting ready for a spelling bee? Just wanting to improve spelling skills? This game is for you! I have included sixteen words with tricky spellings. Fill in the blank with the choice that is correctly spelled. One of the best ways to improve spelling skills is to read. Keep reading a variety of books throughout your life!


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Thanks for visiting my Student Survive 2 Thrive blog. Which one was the trickiest for you? Feel free to post your response in the comments section below.

Spelling Tricky Words #5

Language Arts Practice by Katrena

The vacation was supposed to be filled with _____ activities.


The new student wanted to ensure that nobody thought he looked _______.


She was surprised to ______ an award for citizenship.


She began to withdraw because she was afraid he would ______ her.


The class began to prepare for the special _____.


Although his _____ on the subject was apparent, the teacher saw great potential.


What some take for granted, others recognize as a ______.


It quickly became _____ that the weather would not be ideal for travel.


"I do not think this room will _____ clean itself," replied Dad. 


"_______ speaking, what you said is true," said the professor.


Everyone was interested in the latest _____ in the news story.


"This day has been ______ amazing!" she exclaimed.


The family was _____ challenged; however, they learned to overcome many barriers.


"You _____....good day!" he stated without a glimmer of compassion.


He was unaware of the proper rules of ______.


"This is one of the most ______ gifts I have ever received!" exclaimed the young girl.


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