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Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Abbreviations Starting with B: Part 4

Learning Medical Terminology abbreviations will give you a good foundation for numerous healthcare-related careers. There are quite a few of medical terms, and many terms are similar. Two terms can have the same definition, while one term may have multiple definitions. Sometimes a term may mean one thing if it is capitalized while meaning something else if it is written in lower case. Some medical terminology abbreviations might mean something completely different in our modern day slang. This set of ten flashcards features medical terminology abbreviations that begin with the letter "B." Check out my entire series of med term abbreviations at my site map.

  1. Click on the first slide to enlarge to full screen.
  2. Click on the slide or thumbnail at the bottom to advance to the next slide.
  3. Study the abbreviations backwards by clicking on the last slide and clicking on the thumbnails to advance to the previous slides.

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Medical Terminology Abbreviation Flash Cards

Free Medical Terminology Flashcards by Katrena


blood sugar; bowel sounds; breath sounds




bone marrow biopsy

bid, b.i.d.

bis in die; twice a day


basal body temperature


basal metabolic rate


bleeding time


bladder neck obstruction

B, bil



Bell's palsy; bedpan; bathroom privileges; blood pressure

Student Survive 2 Thrive Free Medical Terminology Flashcards

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