Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spelling Tricky Words #4

Here is another set of fifteen tricky words that are challenging to spell. Each slide features a tricky word used in a contextual sentence. How many do you know?


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Spelling Tricky Words #4

Language Arts Free Practice by Katrena

He eagerly checked his ____ to see if he would have his first choice of elective classes.


The toy manufacturer developed a toy with ____ parts.


The cashier smiled and acted ____ despite rude comments from the customer.


The volunteer from the Peace Corps would be living in a remote _____ in South America for two years.


The test designed to measure _____ could not assess for wisdom.


The magician's last act featured making a rabbit _____.


The monument was erected in ____ of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.


An ____ company began to offer lower price on several popular items.


Each team completed forms specific for the various _____ in the contest.


The phone company charged a fee if ____ exceeded the contracted hours.


Her _____ of the subject was quite impressive.


He had a coupon for a free bacon egg and cheese _____.


The boss announced that the company would not be able to increase any employee's _____ that year.


The nurse carefully measured the baby's _____ and weight.


The actors voted on whether or not they believed in the _____ of ghosts backstage.


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