Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kitchen Supply True False Trivia Game

This trivia game includes twenty statements related to cooking or kitchen safety that are either true or false. The next slide gives the answer with an explanation if the statement is false.

If you have enough space and time, choose a side of the room for true and the opposite side for false, having participants walk to the side that matches their answer for each statement. If you are short on time or space, have participants stand up or raise a hand for true and sit down or lower hands for false.

If you have extra time...
  • Have the group discuss their thoughts about why something is true or false and alternative ideas if the statement is false.
  • Have participants take turn reading the statements in order to practice literacy skills as well.
  • Perform a few experiments, such as measuring a dry ingredient with a teaspoon and measuring a wet ingredient at eye level.
  • Make a tasty treat utilizing the skills learned in this game!
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I hope you find my Student Survive 2 Thrive resources to be engaging and educational!

Kitchen Supply True False Trivia Game

Trivia Game by Katrena

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Planning Ahead in the Kitchen

How to keep pasta from boiling over

Use wooden spoon to keep pasta from boiling over

Teaspoon or tablespoon - which is larger

Tablespoon is larger than a teaspoon

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How to keep salt from sticking in salt shaker

Add rice to salt shaker to prevent sticking

How to separate two glasses that are stuck together

Use hot and cold water to separate two glasses stuck together

How to prevent tears when cutting onion

Place onion in freezer or cut under running water to prevent tears

How to measure accurately in kitchen

Measure liquid ingredients at eye level

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How to make flaky pie crusts

Using cold ingredients to make a flaky pie crust

First aid in the kitchen

Cold water and aloe to treat minor burns

How to prevent foodborne illness in the kitchen

Cutting board safety in the kitchen

Handles on pots and pans on the stove

Prevent injury by turning pot and pan handles on stove inward

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Egg substitute

Travel tips for camping or egg allergies

How to measure dry ingredients

Tips for measuring dry ingredients

How to keep dough from sticking when rolling it out

Use flour to keep dough from sticking

Student Survive 2 Thrive Trivia Game

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