Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Name the Kitchen Utensil Game

The kitchen is full of items used for measuring, stirring, mixing, cooking, serving, and more. This game features pictures of 15 different utensils one might see in the kitchen. Can you name all 15 of them?

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Name the Cooking Utensil Game

Kitchen Utensil Game

Cooking utensil with 2 handles

Can Opener

Cooking Utensil for slow cooking

Crock Pot

Big spoon used to lift large pieces of food


Utensil used to Whip or Beat Ingredients Rapidly


Another name for kettle


Cooking Utensil used for cooking on top of stove

Frying Pan

Cooking Utensil used for squeezing citrus fruits


Large Spoon


Spoons used for measuring ingredients

Measuring Spoons

Item used to cook foods quickly


Item used for mixing ingredients


Item used to peel potatoes, carrots, and other foods


Item used to roll out dough

Rolling Pin

Cake pan with raised middle

Bundt Pan

Cup used for measuring ingredients

Measuring Cup

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