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Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Suffixes Starting with -r, -s, -t, -u, or -y

This set of 18 medical terminology flash cards features common suffixes beginning with the letter r, s, t, u, or y. Although medical terms might seem like a foreign language at first glance, it helps to be able to break down those terms into separate word parts. Knowing common prefixes and suffixes might help one to be able to determine at least the general topic of the term.

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Medical Terminology Common Suffixes

Medical Terminology Flash Cards


Suffix meaning pertaining to


Suffix meaning suturing


Suffix for singular nouns


Suffix meaning the process of viewing with a scope


Suffix that identifies singular nouns


Suffix meaning process of


Suffix meaning rupture


Suffix meaning small, little


Suffix meaning stopping or controlling


Suffix meaning condition or process


Suffix meaning excessive flow or discharge


Suffix meaning an instrument used to view


Suffix meaning a characteristic of the urine


Suffix meaning the surgical creation of a new opening


Suffix meaning intentional crushing


Suffix meaning discharge or flow


Suffix meaning "small one"


Suffix meaning incision into

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