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Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Suffixes Starting with -o or -p

This set of 19 medical terminology flash cards features suffixes that begin with either o or p. Many of these suffixes have similar spellings and similar or identical definitions. As you study suffixes, you might also wish to think of medical terms that include these suffixes in them as the examples may help you to memorize these word parts.

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Medical Terminology Flash Cards

Common Suffixes in Medical Terminology


Suffix meaning resembling


Suffix meaning abnormal fear


Suffix meaning tumor


Suffix meaning pertaining to; characterized by


Suffix meaning surgical fixation


Suffix meaning small or little


Suffix meaning paralysis


Suffix meaning visual condition


Suffix meaning pertaining to


Suffix meaning drooping or prolapse


Suffix meaning attraction to


Suffix meaning process of viewing


Suffix meaning decrease in; deficiency


Suffix meaning formation or development


Suffix meaning disease


Suffix meaning breathing


Suffix meaning condition


Suffix meaning surgical repair


Suffix meaning visual condition

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