Saturday, January 17, 2015

Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Common Suffixes Starting with -c, -d, or -e

This set of fifteen medical terminology flash cards feature common suffixes beginning with the letter -c, -d, or -e. Several of them are similar and might be easily confused. I hope these flash cards help with your study efforts!

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Common Suffixes Flash Cards

Medical Terminology Flash Cards


Suffix meaning pertaining to


Suffix meaning blood condition


Suffix meaning surgical puncture


Suffix meaning binding or surgical fusion


Suffix meaning swelling or herniation


Suffix that is a noun ending


Suffix meaning stretching or dilatation


Suffix meaning condition of


Suffix meaning to kill or to destroy


Suffix that means stretching or dilatation


Suffix meaning crushing or breaking up


Suffix meaning surgical removal


Suffix meaning one who


Suffix meaning pain


Suffix meaning cell

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