Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Color Prefixes and Combining Forms

Medical terminology often involves describing parts of the body and other items through the use of color. Several color-related prefixes and combining forms are used in healthcare professions. For example, something that is melanocytic is black while an area that is cyanotic would have a blue hue.

Many of these colorful prefixes and combining terms are a bit difficult to remember until you begin associating them with medical terms with which you may already be familiar. For example, someone who has jaundiced skin would have a yellowish tint, while a leukocyte is a white blood cell.

After mastering these prefixes and combining terms that denote color, this knowledge may help you to decipher terms with with you may not be readily familiar.

Directions for using these flash cards

Simply click on the first graphic below to enlarge the free flash cards. Click on the next thumbnail at the bottom to advance to the next screen. Each prefix or combining form is followed by its corresponding color. For variety, start at the end and scroll forward.

I hope you enjoy this study guide and check out my site map for more great resources!

Medical Terminology Prefixes and Combining Forms for Color © Katrena
Free Medical Terminology Flash Cards © Katrena
Prefixes for Color © Katrena
Chlor/o Definition © Katrena
Chlor/o Means Green © Katrena
Alb- Definition © Katrena
Alb- Means White © Katrena
Eosin/o Definition © Katrena
Eosin/o Means Red © Katrena
Melan/o Definition © Katrena
Melan/o Means Black © Katrena
Jaund/o Definition © Katrena
Jaund/o Means Yellow © Katrena
Glauc/o Definition © Katrena
Glauc/o Means Gray or Silver © Katrena
Purpur/o Definition © Katrena
Purpur/o Means Purple © Katrena
Xanth/o Definition © Katrena
Xanth/o Means Yellow © Katrena
Leuk/o Definition © Katrena
Leuk/o Means White © Katrena
Cyan/o Definition © Katrena
Cyan/o Means Blue © Katrena
Rube- Definition © Katrena
Rube- Means Red © Katrena
Cirrh/o Definition © Katrena
Cirrh/o Means Yellow © Katrena
Poli/o Definition © Katrena
Poli/o Means Gray or Silver © Katrena
Erythr/o Definition © Katrena
Erythr/o Means Red © Katrena
Albin/o Definition © Katrena
Albin/o Means White © Katrena
Medical Term Flash Cards for Color © Katrena

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