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Diagnostic Tests and Terminology Practice Test

A wide variety of diagnostic tests are available to help caregivers to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of conditions. This practice test highlights fifteen tests or medical terms related to diagnostic tests.

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Imaging Techniques and Terminology Practice Test

Medical Terminology Practice Test

Image of hard-tissue internal structures commonly called an x-ray

Radiograph definition

Dental x-ray that shows all structures in both dental arches

Panorex definition
Contract medium used to visualize GI tract in upper or lower GI study

Barium used in GI study

Imaging that uses combination of radio waves and strong magnetic field

MRI definition

Ultrasound of heart that produces clearer images than an echo

TEE definition

Medication administered for thyroid scan

Radioactive iodine for thyroid scan

Imaging system that produces multiple cross-sectional views of the body

CT definition

MRI that produces more accurate images

Closed architecture MRI

Can used to view flow of blood in brain

SPECT definition

Another name for nuclear scan

Scintigram definition

Radiation shown slice-by-slice to target tumor and avoid healthy tissue

Tomotherapy definition

Scan used to detect cancer, examine cardiac blood flow or to evaluate people with memory disorders

PET scan definition

Medication given in nuclear medicine

Radioactive tracer definition

Areas on an x-ray that appear white or light gray

Radiopaque definition

Ultrasound to create photograph-like images of a developing child

Fetal ultrasound definition

Medical Terminology Study Guide

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