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Free Medical Terminology Practice Test: Skin Vocabulary

Find a wide variety of medical terminology involving the integumentary system with this medical terminology practice test. Some terms may seem a bit common; however, quite a few of the various terms may sound alike and may have corresponding medical terms that may not be as familiar.

How to use this skin vocabulary practice test:
  1. Click on the first image below to enlarge.
  2. Click on the next thumbnail at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next slide.

Other resources for studying the integumentary system include practice tests on skin lesions and pathological skin conditions. Check out my Student Survive 2 Thrive site map for additional flash cards, practice tests, and tips for students.

I hope you enjoy this practice test and find it useful for study purposes.

Medical Terminology Practice Test on Skin
Free Med Term Practice Test on Integumentary System
Tissue that covers internal and external body surfaces
Epidermis definition
Hair covering baby before birth
Lanugo definition
Medical term for sweat gland
Sudoriferous gland definition
Med term for study of the skin
Dermatology definition
Openings in skin where substances are excreted
Skin pores definition
Med term for thick, uniform layer of cells
Stratum definition
Natural blood thinner in the body
Heparin definition
Med term for pale area on fingernail or toenail
Lunula defintion
Medical term for skin
Integument definition
Name of protein in ligaments, tendons, and fascia
Collagen definition
Medical term for visible part of the hair
Hair shaft definition
Medical term for sweat
Perspiration definition
Medical term for oil gland
Sebaceous gland definition
Name for a skin doctor
Dermatologist definition
Medical term for deepest skin layer
Basal layer definition
Medical term for scar
Cicatrix definition
Histiocyte definition
Macrophage definition
Name for outer skin layer
Stratum corneum definition
Cell that contains heparin and histamine
Mast cell definition
Cutaneous membrane definition
Medical term for skin
Diaphoresis definition
Medical term for sweat
Parts of the integumentary system
Parts of the body included as skin
What makes a person's skin darker?
Melanin definition
What makes teeth and nails hard?
Keratin definition
Medical term for ear wax
Cerumen definition
Lipocyte definition
Medical term for fat cell
Name of substance body releases in allergic reaction
Histamine definition
What makes ear wax?
Ceruminous gland definition
Tissue covering internal and external body surfaces
Epithelium definition
Medical term for blue skin
Cyanosis definition
Medical term for fat under skin
Subcutaneous tissue definition
Cutaneous papilloma definition
Medical term for skin tag
Medical term for dermis
Corium definition
Medical term for red skin
Erythema definition
Medical term for skin covering root of fingernail or toenail
Cuticle definition
Lines on skin from stretching and growing quickly
Stretch mark definition
Medical term for oily secretions
Sebum definition
Cell that eats microorganisms, foreign particles, and other cells
Histiocyte definition
Inflammation of skin around fingernail
Paronychia definition
Part of fingernail you can see
Nail body definition
Free practice test on skin

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