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Free Medical Terminology Practice Test: Pathological Skin Conditions

Pathological skin conditions are often quite challenging for those who are studying these medical terms. Some familiar words appear among the list, particularly those that we have seen or experienced. For example, someone who has experienced third degree burns is likely to remember identifying characteristics. Some conditions have very similar names while some lesions with similar symptoms might have names that vary widely.

Some folks might find unusual ways to remember a term, such as Willy Wonka's line in the 2005 film about Veruca being the name for a wart or remembering that a callous person might have thick skin! A knowledge of prefixes and suffixes can be helpful. For example, leukoplakia involves white patches.

Directions for Using the Practice Test on Skin Conditions

This practice test gives identifying information about a pathological skin condition with four possible choices. The correct answer is highlighted on the following slide. Click on the first slide to enlarge. Then click on the next thumbnail at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next slide.

I hope you find this practice test helpful and educational. Visit the Student Survive 2 Thrive site map for more great resources!

Pathological Skin Condition Practice Test © Katrena
Free Medical Terminology Practice Test © Katrena
Student Survive 2 Thrive Med Term Quiz © Katrena
Skin Condition Common in Infancy and Childhood © Katrena
What is Eczema? © Katrena
Another Name for Athlete's Foot © Katrena
What is Tinea Pedis © Katrena
Another Name for Cradle Cap © Katrena
What is Seborrheic Dermatitis? © Katrena
Skin Condition Where People Have White Skin and Pink Eyes © Katrena
What is Albinism? © Katrena
Large Elevated Scar With Irregular Shape © Katrena
What is a Keloid? © Katrena
What Condition Causes a Butterfly Rash? © Katrena
What is SLE (Lupus)? © Katrena
What Are White Patches on Mucous Membranes? © Katrena
What is Leukoplakia? © Katrena
Skin Condition Common With AIDS © Katrena
What is Kaposi's Sarcoma? © Katrena
Medical Term for Fungal Nail Infection © Katrena
What is Onychomycosis? © Katrena
Another Name for Thickened Skin on Weight-bearing Areas © Katrena
What is a Callus? © Katrena
Medical Term for Wart © Katrena
What is a Verruca? © Katrena
Skin Condition Where Dermis Thickens & Hands & Feet Swell © Katrena
What is Scleroderma? © Katrena
Skin Condition That Looks Like a Dimple on the Back © Katrena
What is a Pilonidal Cyst? © Katrena
Medical Term for Senile Warts © Katrena
What is Seborrheic Keratosis? © Katrena
Medical Term for a Mole © Katrena
What is a Nevus? © Katrena
Skin Condition Common in Diabetes With Foul Odor © Katrena
What is Gangrene? © Katrena
Common Rash in Teenagers © Katrena
What is Acne Vulgaris? © Katrena
Blisters on Mouth and Skin With Musty Odor © Katrena
What is Pemphigus? © Katrena
Medical Term for Poison Ivy Rash © Katrena
What is Dermatitis? © Katrena
Burn That Causes Redness and Swelling but no Scar © Katrena
What is a 1st Degree Burn? © Katrena
Most Common Skin Cancer © Katrena
What is Basal Cell Carcinoma? © Katrena
Skin Condition That Causes Red Cheeks © Katrena
What is Rosacea? © Katrena
Medical Term for Ringworm on the Head © Katrena
What is Tinea Capitis? © Katrena
Full-thickness Burn That May or May Not be Painful © Katrena
What is a Third-degree Burn? © Katrena
Medical Term for Lice Infestation © Katrena
What is Pediculosis? © Katrena
Skin Condition That Causes White Scales © Katrena
What is Psoriasis? © Katrena
Medical Term for Shingles © Katrena
What is Herpes Zoster? © Katrena
What is an Overgrowth of Skin on a Corn © Katrena
What is Keratosis? © Katrena
Fast Growing Skin Cancer That Crusts © Katrena
What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma? © Katrena
Medical Term for Ingrown Toenail © Katrena
What is Onychocryptosis? © Katrena
Skin Infection That Crusts and Oozes Liquid Like Honey © Katrena
What is Impetigo? © Katrena
Precancerous Skin Lesion Due to Sun Exposure © Katrena
What is Actinic Keratosis? © Katrena
Skin Rash Caused by Human Itch Mite © Katrena
What is Scabies? © Katrena
Skin Cancer That Tends to Spread or Metastasize © Katrena
What is Malignant Melanoma? © Katrena
Viral Rashes That are Infectious © Katrena
What are Exanthematous Viral Diseases? © Katrena
Partial Thickness Burn With Blisters © Katrena
What is a 2nd Degree Burn? © Katrena
Medical Term for Ringworm © Katrena
What is Tinea Corporis? © Katrena
Flaky Scales on Overgrown Skin © Katrena
What is Hyperkeratosis? © Katrena
Free Skin Rash Study Guide © Katrena

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