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Free Medical Terminology Practice Test: Digestive System and Digestion

Test your knowledge of the digestive system, digestive organs, accessory organs, and structures associated with digestion. Digestion is a process that utilizes numerous body organs and structures and involves many different stages as foods and beverages travel through the alimentary tract.

Directions for the Digestive System Practice Test
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Digestive System Practice Test
Free Practice Test on Digestion
Name for term in which the tongue forms food into a ball
Bolus definition
Name for partially digested food
Chyme definition
Medical term for chewing
Mastication definition
Enzyme that digests carbohydrates
Amylase definition
What prevents reflux of food to esophagus?
Lower esophageal sphincter location and purpose
Another word for throat
Pharynx definition
Word for having a bowel movement
Defecation definition
Name for the body part that hangs from back of the throat
Uvula definition
How food travels through digestive system
How food travels through body
Part of small intestine that looks like fingers

Villi definition
How food travels through large intestine
Digestion order in large intestine
How food travels through small intestine
Digestion order in small intestine
Appendix location
Appendix attached to cecum
Stomach location
Stomach located in which abdominal quadrant
Parotids, submandibulars, sublinguals definition
Salivary gland names
Stomach folds medical term
Rugae definition
Substance that breaks down fats in body
Bile definition
How food travels through large intestine
Digestion order in large intestine

Another name for oral cavity
Buccal cavity definition

Name for bumps on tongue
Papillae definition
Substance that breaks down proteins in digestion
Trypsin definition
Med term for swallowing
Deglutition definition
Location of cells that make insulin
Islets of Langerhans location
Duct that connects gall bladder to liver
Cystic duct location
Enzyme that digests fats
Lipase definition
Parts of the small intestine
How long is the ileum of the small intestine?
Lymph tissue beside the back of the tongue
Tonsil definition

Muscle that controls defecation
Anal sphincter definition
Longest organ in digestive system
Small intestine
Appendix purpose
What does the appendix do?
Digestive System Practice Test

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