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Free Nursing Practice Test: Therapeutic Diets

Therapeutic diets, also called modified diets, are often ordered by a physician. Quite a few different diets might be ordered, depending on the person's health status and special needs. Abbreviations associated with diets might be a bit challenging, so I have included some of those medical terms in this practice test.

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Free Nursing Practice Test

Special Diets in Health Care

Study Guide for Therapeutic Diets

Diet with broth, jello, juice, tea

Clear Liquid Diet

Diet with fish, cheese, milkshake with added protein

High-Protein Diet

No food or drink


Liquids pour very slowly

Honey Thick

No raw fruits or vegetables; fried, spicy & high-fiber foods may be eliminated

Soft Diet

Diet with artificial sweeteners

Diabetic Diet

Diet without added salt

NAS (No Added Salt)

Diet with whole grain cereal, bread, raw fruits & vegetables

High-Residue or High-Fiber Diet

Foods are chopped or blended

Mechanical Soft Diet

Diet with foods high in potassium

Hi-K+ Diet

Spoon stands up straight in thickened liquid

Pudding Thick Liquids

Diet to assist with weight loss

Low-cal or Low-Calorie or Restricted Calorie Diet

Diet with limited fiber, grains, seeds, dairy, and coffee

Low-Residue or Low-Fiber Diet

Food is chopped or blended into a thick paste

Pureed Diet

Diet with white meats, fish, skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese

Low-Fat Low-Cholesterol Diet

Diet with more vegetables, breads and cereals and less meat, fish & cheese

Low-Protein Diet

Diet with creamed soups, juice, milk, ice cream

Full Liquid Diet

No extra fluids

Restrict Fluids Diet

Diet to increase weight

High-Cal or High-Calorie Diet

Diet without spicy foods, citrus juices or dairy products

Bland Diet

Nursing Practice Test on Therapeutic Diets

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