Friday, October 14, 2016

Multiplication Charts for Visual Learners

These multiplication charts may help visual learners see how multiplication works for multiplying numbers 0 through 12. The rows contain numbers obtained by counting by the number in blue on the left. For example, the row starting with 3 will count by 3 across the row. The columns contain numbers obtained by counting by the number in blue on the top. For example, the row with 10 at the top will count by 10 down the column.

Numbers in the center of the chart are obtained by multiplying the number in the blue row with the number in the blue column - the answer is where the row and column intersect. For example, if you wish to multiply 11 and 9, choose 11 on the blue row and 9 on the blue column and then trace down and to the right until the two intersect, to get an answer of 99.

The rows and columns highlighted in yellow feature one number's multiplication table, starting with 0 and ending with 12. If you scroll through them, you might see patterns that to help you see multiplication trends.

These charts are not intended to be used in place of memorizing multiplication tables but may help you to "picture" how multiplication works.


  1. Click on any chart to enlarge.
  2. After enlarging, click on the chart or thumbnail below to advance to the next chart.

I created these charts in an effort to help others to "see" the math. You might wish to print two charts and place one on top of the other and see where they intersect, demonstrating how 2 X 5 is the same as 5 X 2. Click here to go to my math page to find all of my math resources, including flash cards, practice tests, conversion charts, and more. Thanks for visiting Student Survive 2 Thrive!

Multiply by 0 Chart

Multiply by 1 Chart

Multiply by 2 Chart

Multiply by 3 Chart

Multiply by 4 Chart

Multiply by 5 Chart

Multiply by 6 Chart

Multiply by 7 Chart

Multiply by 8 Chart

Multiply by 9 Chart

Multiply by 10 Chart

Multiply by 11 Chart

Multiply by 12 Chart

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