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Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Abbreviations Starting with A: Part 6

Medical Terminology abbreviations are often a challenging learning curve because many abbreviations have more than one meaning and some meanings have more than one abbreviation. This set of flashcards features fifteen medical terminology abbreviations that begin with the letter "A." Slides that include multiple meanings are separated by semicolons while those with multiple abbreviations are separated by commas. Always evaluate the context in order to determine which meaning is most appropriate.

  1. Click on the first slide to enlarge to full screen.
  2. Click on the slide or thumbnail at the bottom to advance to the next slide.
  3. Study the abbreviations backwards by clicking on the last slide and clicking on the thumbnails to advance to the previous slides.

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Medical Terminology Abbreviations Flash Cards

Medical Terminology Study Guide by Katrena


acute renal failure; acute respiratory failure


above elbow


abnormal; adult; age; allergy; anaphylaxis; anesthesia; anterior; antibody; auscultation


advanced cardiac life support

alt noct

alternate nights




activated partial thromboplastin time


aortic valve replacement

AF, A fib, A-fib

atrial fibrillation

A & B

apnea and bradycardia


AIDS dementia complex

ant, ANT



autoimmune hemolytic anemia


angiocardiogram; angiocardiography; apex cardiogram


aneurysm; anorexia nervosa

Student Survive 2 Thrive Medical Terminology Flash Cards

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