Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spelling Tricky Words #3

Here is another set of fifteen words that are a bit tricky to spell. Test your spelling skills to see how many you know!


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Spelling Tricky Words #3

Free Language Arts Practice by Katrena

He opened his lunchbox to see that he had a turkey and cheese _____.


The next door ______ waved as the car traveled down the driveway.


As the storyteller began to weave a tall tale, the audience began to almost ____ that the ghost was real.


The librarian began to _______ several new books that had arrived the previous week.


Her _____ began to become packed with extracurricular activities.


They both wanted the same _____ of cake.


The class waited ____ the "all clear" signal before returning to the building after the fire drill.


The ______ holiday had been celebrated in the community for hundreds of years.


She received a special award for not having a single ____ in school for twelve years.


The stars were _____ brightly as the campers waited for the meteor shower to begin.


The teenager said, "Mom, don't ____ me!" when the car broke down in the car rider line.


The chef had a ____ order for adding each ingredient for the specialty dish.


The store offered a price-match ____ in order to entice more customers.


They cheered as they left the room because the field trip was scheduled for _____.


The constitution states that people have the right to the _____ of happiness.


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