Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spelling Tricky Words #2

Our English language is chock full of tricky words. Read each sentence in the slides below and see if you know how to correctly spell each word. This practice test features fifteen tricky words.


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Spelling Tricky Words #2

Language Arts Practice by Katrena

The _____ of the school began to speak at the awards ceremony


Some studies indicate that eating raw ____ may help fight cancer cells.


The ______ speaker had the audience laughing out loud within five minutes.


The ______ served a variety of gluten-free foods.


The dog ran to the other room as soon as she turned on the ______ cleaner.


The Marines checked their _____ one last time before preparing to jump out of the airplane.


He began to check each ____ on the graph carefully in order to find the mistake.


The class groaned when they heard they would be graded on the _____ fitness test.


The _____ staff was called in when the air conditioner broke.


She did not measure her ____ by her income but rather by how many lives she had touched in a positive way.


The ______ class began to learn about various habitats for animals.


Although there was no ____ of success, the team worked together to try to win the championship.


The _____ exchange student began to teach the class a few phrases in his native language.


The little girl began to carefully choose a book to read to the dog at the _____.


The family traveled to Washington D.C. to learn more about the history of _____ in the United States.


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