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Drug Administration Common Abbreviations - Medical Terminology Made Easy!

This set of flash cards features common abbreviations related to drug administration. Some abbreviations are no longer used in many facilities because they are on the "forbidden" list due to frequently being misread; know one's facility rules for documentation. For example, qd, is often written out as "daily" to avoid any misunderstanding on a prescription. With the advent of computers, many words are plugged in at the click of a mouse, deleting the need to save time through the use of written abbreviations.

These flashcards also include the Latin origin in parentheses, if applicable. I think sometimes it helps to know where abbreviations originated because they may be confusing when looking at the English words written out. One way I found to remember ac is that "a" comes BEFORE any other letter in the alphabet, so ac means BEFORE meals. Also, one might think of a bicycle that has two wheels to remember bid is twice a day, while tricycles have three wheels and tid means three times a day. Always consider the context – some abbreviations may stand for more than one term(s) while a term may be represented by more than one abbreviation.


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Common Drug Administration Abbreviations

Free Medical Terminology Flash Cards by Katrena

What does po stand for?

po stands for by mouth

What does Rx stand for?

Rx stands for prescription

What does ad lib stand for?

Ad lib stands for as desired

What does qh stand for?

qh stands for every hour

What does NPO stand for?

NPO stands for nothing by mouth

What does tid mean?

tid stands for 3 times a day

What does pc stand for?

pc stands for after meals

What does amt mean?

amt stands for amount

What does prn stand for?

Prn stands for as needed

What does qid stand for?

qid stands for 4 times a day

What does ac stand for?

ac stands for before meals

What does sig stand for?

sig stands for to be labeled accordingly

What does bid stand for?

bid stands for twice a day

Free Medical Terminology Abbreviation Flash Cards on Student Survive 2 Thrive

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