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White Fruits and Vegetables Interactive Game

White Fruits & Veggies Interactive Game
This white fruits and vegetables food game can be played alone or in combination with the others in this series featuring various fruits and vegetables of like colors (see links below). You might want to do a rainbow-type theme if you choose to do all five food colors. I have included quite a few varieties of the game depending on ages and abilities of the players.

  • 3 pieces thick white or yellow paper, cut in half
  • 3 pieces yellow paper, cut into 6 large circles with smiley faces drawn on them (may omit this step if you already have smiley faces for another color food game)
  • printed white food info below for leader reference
  • printed food labels below - staple one label to each 1/2 sheet of white/yellow paper
  • *printed pictures of the white foods below (note this game focuses on the fruit and not the peeling on the bananas) - staple one food picture to each 1/2 sheet of white/yellow paper
  • timer
  • stapler
  • printer
How to play
  1. Place the pictures of the white foods on a table at the far side of a room.
  2. Have participants line up at the opposite end of the room.
  3. Hand all labels to the first player in line.
  4. Give that player 30 seconds to place a matching label under each food picture.
  5. That player returns to the back of the line when time is up.
  6. Place a smiley face above each correctly labeled food.
  7. Give the next player 30 seconds to correct labels that don't have a smiley face.
  8. That player returns to the back of the line when time is up.
  9. Repeat #6-8 until all foods are correctly labeled.
  10. Have the entire group gather around the table and talk about the various white foods using the food descriptions page as a guide, asking which foods they may have personally eaten and which ones they might like to try. See if they can name other white fruits or vegetables. Ensure that participants understand safety issues with foods like mushrooms and that they should never go outside and pick a mushroom and eat it without knowing for sure that it is edible.
  • *Instead of using pictures of the white foods, provide real life examples of each. There are some particularly cute ideas using bananas cut to make the trunk of a tree that might work really well if you have the budget and time.
  • If you are short on time, have players write down the names of each white food on separate small pieces of paper. Show each white food pictured below on a screen that everyone can see and have players hold up the name they think matches each food, giving 1 point for each correct match. Talk about each food before moving to the next.
  • Print two sets of white food pictures and place them face down in random order. Have a player turn two right side up to see if they have a match. Repeat until all are matched, rotating players if applicable. Once all white foods are matched, talk about the foods using the food descriptions page and their thoughts about the foods.
  • Talk about each white food and identify the name of each first, encouraging interactive conversation. Print two sets of food pictures and labels and place one set of pictures and labels down in random order. Have a player turn two right side up to see if they match the picture with the correct label, rotating players if applicable. Repeat until all are matched.
  • Provide a snack utilizing some of the white foods featured in the game.
Additional articles in this series
Many thanks to the photographers who were willing to share their photos for free. I have included their name and a URL to each page where I found the photos. Thanks for visiting my Student Survive 2 Thrive blog and I hope you find these resources to be helpful

White Food Info Page
Banana - Photo by bhjoco

Cauliflower - Photo by chelle

Mushrooms - Photo by clarita

Parsnip - Photo by MaxStraeten

Shallot - Photo by zabmo

Turnip - Photo by jeanneg

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