Friday, May 15, 2015

Owl Trivia Game

My youngest child is very interested in owls this year, so I decided to create a trivia game featuring 20 owl questions. I learned quite a bit about these beautiful animals while researching this topic. I also found some fabulous photos and included the URLs where you can learn more about many of the photographers.

If you are interested in hearing the sounds made by five common owls, I would highly recommend going to Learn to Identify Five Owls by Their Calls.

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Owl Trivia Game

Owl Facts

Animals that Sleep in the Day and Hunt at Night

Nocturnal Animals

Another Word for Bird of Prey

Raptors Eat Other Animals for Food

Another Name for Claws on an Owl's Foot

Owl Talons

Defense Mechanism in Which Animals Blend in with Environment

Camouflage in Owls

Where Do Owls Live?

Owls Live on All Continents Except Antarctica

Black Circle in the Middle of the Eye

Pupil is Black Circle in the Middle of the Eye

Owl Wings

Owl Wings Designed for Quiet Flight

What do Owls Eat?

Most Owls Eat Mammals and Especially Rodents

What Owl Regurgitates After Eating

Owl Pellet

Light Owl That Has a Ghostly Scream and Often Lives in Abandoned Houses

Barn Owl

Owl That Seems to Say Who Cooks for Me Who Cooks for You

Barred Owl

Owl That Nests Underground and Can Sound like a Rattlesnake

Burrowing Owl

Smallest Owl

Elf Owl

Female Owl Keeps Eggs Warm


Group of Owls

Parliament of Owls - Group

Owl that Brings Blindsnake to Live in Its Nest

Eastern Screech Owl

Owl With Warmest Coat of Feathers

Snowy Owl

Group of Birds Trying to Drive Owl Away

Birds May Mob Owl

Young Owl

Owlets Leave Nest at About 4-6 Weeks Old

Dangers to Owls

Trash Beside Road is Dangerous for Raptors

Fun Owl Facts on Student Survive 2 Thrive

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