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Common Medications and Treatments Related to the Cardiovascular System

With heart attack and stroke so prevalent in our modern world, many medications and treatments have been developed to prevent, control, and/or treat conditions related to the cardiovascular system. These flashcards highlight fifteen medical terms related to the heart.

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Medications & Treatmented related to the Cardiovascular System

Free Medical Terminology Practice Test

Example of an anticoagulant

Warfarin definition

Medication that causes blood vessels to dilate or expand

Vasodilator definition

Procedure in which a balloon opens a coronary artery

PTCA definition

Medication that prevents or relieves angina by dilating coronary arteries

Nitroglycerin definition

Examples of antihypertensive medications

Statin definition

Tube that opens arterial wall and prevents restenosis

Stent definition

Emergency procedure for life support

CPR definition

Med term for surgical removal of part of an artery

Arteriectomy definition

Medication that stimulates kidneys to secrete more urine

Diurectic definition

Medication that might help reduce risk of heart attack and stroke

Aspirin definition

Surgery where a leg vein replaces a coronary artery

CABG definition

Abbreviation for a heart attack

MI definition

Drug to lower cholesterol

Statin drug definition

Device to treat bradycardia or A-fib

Pacemaker to treat bradycardia or A-fib

Device that shocks the heart to a normal rhythm

AED definition

Medical Terminology Study Guide

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