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Body Planes Practice Test – Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse

Those who are studying medical terminology, healthcare-related professions, exercise physiology, and other career paths that involve caring for people may discover that learning body parts and positions can become overwhelming. Mentally splitting the body into smaller portions may help to divide the information, making it easier to pinpoint specific locations. Many terms related to body planes are used frequently in these professions, so having a solid knowledge of the body planes can be quite helpful. This practice test includes twenty questions related to body planes.

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Body Planes Practice Test

Free Medical Terminology and Anatomy Practice Test

Nearer to or toward the midline

Medial definition

Body plane that horizontally divides body into upper and lower portions

Transverse Body Plane definition

Anatomic Position

Position of body in anatomic position

Plane dividing body into left and right halves

Midsagittal plane definition

Front or side toward belly

Ventral definition

Word meaning tail

Caudal definition

Body position that is above another

Superior definition

Opposite of ventral

Dorsal definition

Nearest midline or closest to beginning of a body structure

Proximal definition

Body plane dividing body into anterior and posterior portions; coronal plane

Frontal plane definition

Toward the head

Cephalic definition

Toward the feet, below, lowermost

Inferior definition

Located farthest away from the midline or start of body structure

Distal definition

Toward the head

Cephalic definition

Back of the body or organ

Dorsal definition

Back of an organ or body; dorsal

Posterior definition

Toward the side; away from the midline

Lateral definition

Having or related to two sides

Bilateral definition

In the front or toward the forward part of an organ

Anterior definition

Plane dividing body into unequal left and right sides

Sagittal plane definition

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