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How to Convert Inches to Feet and Inches

Many height scales display height in inches only. One can easily convert this number to feet and inches by dividing by 12, remembering that:

12 inches = 1 foot
24 inches = 2 feet
36 inches = 3 feet
48 inches = 4 feet
60 inches = 5 feet
72 inches = 6 feet
84 inches = 7 feet
and so on....

If the number is not equally divisible by 12, the number that remains is the number of inches.

For example:

How to Convert Height to Feet and Inches: Step by Step Directions

Height is recorded with the number of feet first followed by the number of inches and is often abbreviated. Here are three examples for how one might chart a height of 3 feet 2 inches, depending on facility policy:
3 feet 2 inches
3 ft. 2 in.
3' 2"

If the total number of inches is less than 12, record the number of inches only. For example, if the length is 10 inches, one would record the number as:
10 inches
10 in.

If charting policy requires feet to be recorded as well, the above example would be recorded as:
0 feet 10 inches
0 ft. 10 in.
0' 10"

If the number is equally divisible by 12, record the number of feet. For example, 48 inches would be recorded as 4 feet. One would record the number as:
4 feet
4 ft.

If charting policy requires inches to be recorded as well, the above example would be recorded as:
4 feet 0 inches
4 ft. 0 in.
4' 0"

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