Monday, November 11, 2013

Medical Terminology Practice Test: Lymphatic Terminology

Those who are studying the lymphatic system in medical terminology, nursing, or medicine might find this free practice test to be helpful in preparing for assessments. Several terms may be familiar, but quite a few are very similar words yet have different meanings. I hope you find this resource to be helpful!

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Free Medical Terminology Practice Test on Lymphatic Vocabulary Words
Free Practice Test for Medical Terminology
Katrena's Free Medical Terminology Lymphatic System List

Another Name for Genetic Immunity
Natural Immunity Definition
Treatment to Prevent Allergic Reactions
Immunotherapy Definition
Name for Accumulated Fluid in Tissues
Edema Definition
Where Do T Cells Mature?
Thymus is Where T Cells Mature
Another Name for Pharyngeal Tonsils
Adenoids Definition
Name for Enlarged Lymph Nodes
Lymphadenopathy Definition
Term for Having Protection Against Disease
Immunity Definition
Microorganism That Produces Disease
Pathogen Definition
Lymph Tissue at Back of Throat
Tonsils Definition
Immunity From Having Disease or Being Immunized
Acquired Immunity Definition
Doctor Specializing in Immunology
Immunologist Definition
Cell That Seems to Eat Other Cells
Macrophage Definition
Fluid Picked up by Lymphatic Capillaries
Lymph Definition
Term for Body Defense With Antibodies
Immune Reaction Definition
Name for Reaction at Site of Administration
Local Reaction Definition
Body Protection by Eating Bacteria
Phagocytosis Definition
Where Lymphocytes Come From
Location Where Lymphocytes are Made
Name for a Person Who Gets Infections and Diseases Easily
Susceptible Host Definition
Excessive Reaction to a Particular Stimulus
Hypersensitivity Definition
Study of How Body Reacts to Antigens
Immunology Definition
Term for Body' Ability to Counteract Pathogens
Resistance Definition
Specific Immunity
Immunization Definition
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