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Free Medical Terminology Flash Cards: Mental Health Common Abbreviations

These free medical terminology flash cards include common abbreviations associated with mental health issues. Some abbreviations in health care can represent more than one term, and one would determine the term by the context. For example, CA is an abbreviation for cancer and chronological age.

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Readers may scroll through the flash cards from start to end or from end to beginning depending on individual needs. Students might also wish to read the following:
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Mental Health Common Abbreviations Free Flash Cards

Student Survive 2 Thrive Free Medical Terminology Flash Cards

What does DAP stand for?

Draw-a-Person Personality Test
What does MA stand for?

Mental Age

What does WISC stand for?

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

What does ADD stand for?

Attention-deficit Disorder

What does LSD stand for?

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

What does OCD stand for?

Obsessive-compulsive Disease

What does CNS stand for?

Central Nervous System

What does ECT stand for?

Electroconvulsive Therapy

What does TAT stand for?

Thematic Apperception Test

What does DTs stand for?

Delirium Tremens

What does WPPSI stand for?

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence

What does DSM stand for?

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

What does IQ stand for?

Intelligence Quotient

What does PCP stand for?


What does WAIS stand for?

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

What does CA stand for?

Chronological Age

What does MMPI stand for?

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

What does ADHD stand for?

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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