Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Medical Terminology Practice Test: Nervous System Cells

Learning basic anatomical and physiological terms related to the nervous system can be tough! This practice test focuses on nervous system cells. Many of these terms are not commonly known terms and some are difficult to spell, but after some studying, the nervous system will seem a little less intimidating.

How to use this free medical terminology practice test:
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Study Guide for Cells of Nervous System

Free Medical Terminology Practice Test

What protects axons in nervous system?

Myelin sheath definition

Motor nerves that take impulses away from CNS

Efferent nerve definition

Neuron anatomy and basic parts

Oligodendrocyte definition

Space between two nerves

Synapse definition

Connective tissue that protects nervous system through phagocytosis

Neuroglia definition

Cell shaped like star in Central Nervous System

Astrocyte definition

Axon not covered with myelin sheath

Gray matter definition

Nervous system cell that increases if tissue is damaged or infection is present

Microglial cells definition

Sensory nerves transmit impulses to CNS

Afferent nerves definition

Nervous system cell that looks like a tree

Dendrite definition

Functional unit of the nervous system

Neuron definition

Axons covered with myelin sheath

White matter definition

What does a synapse connect?

What is space between axon and dendrite?

Cells that form myelin sheath on nerves in body

Oligodendrocyte definition

What prevents harmful substances from entering brain?

Blood-brain barrier definition

Free Practice Test on Nervous System

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