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Welcome to Student Survive 2 Thrive!

Hi and welcome to Student Survive 2 Thrive, a blog dedicated to helping students to reach their full potential by offering practical tips and free study guides such as flash cards and practice tests. Whether you have been a student for years or have found yourself thrust into a classroom after many years in the workforce, incorporating just a few simple techniques may make all the difference between a successful semester and one that seems to be one frustration after another.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Student
I'll be honest. I always had to work for the grade as I was growing up. If I ever forgot to study, I was never good at guessing. Even if I narrowed down the possible answers to only two, I seemed to always pick the wrong one. I had a strong desire to learn and perform well in school, and that went in my favor. I developed some pretty decent study habits in those younger years. Yep...I was the one who would turn in my term paper early in college and spent many hours in the library, although I'll admit that sometimes I would end up snoozing on my textbook! I wanted to make sure my parents didn't waste the money they had worked years to save so that I could go to college, and the hard work paid off with a 4-year nursing degree.

Avoid Student Mistakes
Tips for Avoiding Common Student Mistakes

I also experienced my share of pitfalls as a student. At Chapel Hill, I often found myself among about 400 other students in huge classes, and I was surprised to discover that even some of those professors could pull out a pop quiz when I least expected it. If a professor had a strong accent, I was lost. Some professors captured my attention much better than others. I struggled to juggle several part-time jobs with a full load of classes.

There were more people in my dorm than the population of my home town as I was growing up. I realize now that I had resources available that I did not even realize, much less utilize, and I hope to share ways that students can tap into available resources both online and on campus. Punctuality and consistency were often rewarded with higher grades.

Experienced Teacher Offers Tips for Students

After working at the bedside as a registered nurse, I also picked up some teaching opportunities as a preceptor at the hospital and also as an instructor in the classroom, clinicals, and labs. I've seen education evolve with the use of many types of media and currently teach multiple online and hybrid classes. I have had students to email before a class begins, quite worried about using the new technology only to discover that they can do very well in an online classroom setting with just a few simple tips.

I began teaching in the 1990s, and I would like to share information that I have learned over the years. I am still learning and constantly tweaking my classes. That's what good teachers do...and I hope to continue to post great information on Student Survive 2 Thrive with the sincere hope that you find a few jewels that you can incorporate to enrich your experience as a successful student. Although the bulk of my teaching lies in healthcare, many of the tips may be helpful to students in a variety of class settings. we go. Welcome to Student Survive 2 Thrive!

Successful Student Tips

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